1. mSwali has six sessions per day i.e. 10 – 10.10a.m, 11 – 11.10a.m, 1 – 1.10p.m, 2 – 2.10p.m, 6 – 6.10p.m and 7 – 7.10p.m
  2. Each mSwali session is charged at 20/=
  3. Each mSwali session has ten questions
  4. Each of the ten questions is timed at 10 seconds
  5. To WIN the trivia a user has to answer correctly ALL the ten questions
  6. Each question answered correctly earns a user 10points on the leaderboard
  7. The leaderboard displays the top 10 players with their earned points earned
  8. To access all the SIX sessions in a day a user has to pay 50/=
  9. If a first-time user deposits 20/= they get a free session to play, if they deposit amounts greater than 20/= but not less than 50/= they get the whole day for free
  10. The daily rate of 50/= is not applicable after the 2 – 2.10p.m session but applicable between 7.10p.m to 2.10p.m of the following day.
  11. A user can select if they want to pay per session or for the whole day. This is activated once the user has accessed a session. 
  12. During a game session a user is notified if they got a question wrong and they can proceed without winning the trivia. They only earn points for each question answered correctly.
  13. The prize money for each session is 5,000/= and is shared amongst all the winners at the end of each session
  14. On signing up a user has to enter their name and accept mSwali’s terms and conditions
  15. Once the T & C’s are accepted the user goes through 3 example questions to get a feel of the game
  16. On completion of the signup process, the user can deposit money into their mSwali wallet
  17. mSwali Wallet allows users to:
  18. mSwali has practice questions which can be played at any time.
  19. mSwali has a subscription service where users can receive daily interesting facts at a fee. These facts can appear as questions in the live sessions.
  20. mSwali users can check their standings on the leaderboard
  21. mSwali users can refer their friends to play mSwali and get rewarded with 1 credit worth 20/= for a free mSwali session. The deposit made by the referred user determines what the referee gets e.g. if a referral deposits 20/= the referee gets a free session or if a referral deposits 50/= the referee gets a whole day.
  22. mSwali users have an option to choose if they want to pay for a session or a whole day, and this money is deducted from the user’s wallet
  23. When a user’s session times out, the user can pick up where they left before the time-out.
  24. ALL deposits and withdrawals are subject to taxes and costs charged at prevailing rates.

The activation sessions prize will be 2,000/= and the normal session is 5,000/=