mSwali is a QUIZ league where winners get CASH prizes by simply choosing the correct answers from general knowledge multiple choice questions.

  1. A predefined prize for answering ALL questions in a Quiz session CORRECTLY.

  2. Players who score the most points in a given day may win a predefined Jackpot prize. This amount may be varied from time to time

  3. A predefined prize paid out every time a player gets 6, 7, 8 answers CORRECTLY per Quiz session.

  4. A running Jackpot prize for players who play the most mSwali quiz sessions in a given day, week or month.

  5. The prizes will be communicated via SMS to the registered players.

  • Simply Dial *397#
  • Enter your name
  • Attempt three example questions
  • Accept mSwali’s Terms & Conditions and Subscription service
  • You will receive a message confirming your successful registration.

To win the Quiz session prize, answer ALL the Quiz questions CORRECTLY within 15 seconds EACH.

Simply play as many mSwali sessions as possible and accumulate as many points, from correctly answered questions, which will allow you to participate in the knockout competition, the winner of which will be the King/Queen of Quiz.

Play mSwali Quiz any time from 10am to 10pm every Monday to Saturday.

Play mSwali Bible Quiz every HOUR from 10am to 7pm on Sunday. Ten Quiz session on Sunday:

  1. 10a.m. – 10.05a.m

  2. 11a.m. – 11.05a.m

  3. 12noon – 12.05p.m

  4. 1p.m. – 1.05p.m

  5. 2p.m. – 2.05p.m

  6. 3p.m. – 3.05p.m

  7. 4p.m. – 4.05p.m

  8. 5p.m. – 5.05p.m

  9. 6p.m. – 6.05p.m

  10. 7p.m. – 7.05p.m.

To view the time for the quizzes, visit our website

All successfully registered users will receive an SMS from time to time before the start of the quiz sessions.

  • Dial *397# at ANY TIME according to the schedule in number 6.

  • Select PLAY NOW to WIN, then Select START

  • Answer the multiple choice questions within 15 seconds EACH

  • You will receive a congratulatory SMS confirming your win, when you answer ALL the Quiz questions CORRECTLY

  • The prize money is automatically sent to your mSwali Wallet and you can withdraw to your M-PESA

*Players are charged Ksh. 1 from their airtime by the network operator to dial *397#

If you get any question wrong, you cannot win the Quiz prize but you earn 10 points for each question answered correctly.

You WIN when you answer ALL the Quiz questions CORRECTLY within 15 seconds EACH

You will receive a congratulatory message when you answer ALL the Quiz questions CORRECTLY.

Your prize money is sent to your mSwali wallet automatically at the end of the winning Quiz session. You can then withdraw from your mSwali wallet to your MPESA.

*A tax rate of 15% applies to each win

  • Each mSwali Quiz costs 50/=

  • To play ten quizzes for the day costs Kshs. 100/= (expires at midnight on the same day).

You can only play one mSwali Quiz session once.

There is no limit on the number of times you can play in a day.

Once you register with mSwali, an mSwali wallet is automatically created and linked to your mSwali profile.

  • Dial *397#

  • Choose Option 1 – My mSwali Wallet

  • Then select Deposit

  • Enter the amount you would like to deposit

  • Select OK, from the prompt that appears

  • Enter your M-PESA PIN

  • You will receive an SMS from mSwali confirming the transaction is successful

The deposited funds will then be available in your mSwali wallet

Your funds are deducted automatically when you access an mSwali Quiz.

  • Dial *397#

  • Choose Option 2 – My mSwali Wallet

  • Your mSwali Wallet balance is shown above the menu items, alongside your FREE mSwali Quiz sessions balance

  • Dial *397#

  • Choose Option 2 – My mSwali Wallet

  • Then Select Option 3 – Withdraw

  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw

  • Confirm the transaction

  • You will receive an SMS from both mSwali and M-PESA confirming the withdrawal has been successful.

MPESA charges apply (Ksh. 16 for amounts below Ksh. 1000 and Ksh. 23 for amounts above Ksh. 1000)

Transaction Band (KES)

Tariff (KES)

10 – 1000


1001 – 70000


Minimum withdrawal amount is 10/=

Your balance remains in your mSwali wallet until you are ready to play again.

Results are sent automatically at the end of the mSwali Quiz session and the winners, if any, are notified immediately.

To get FREE mSwali sessions a registered user can invite a friend to play

  • Dial *397#

  • Select option 3 – Invite a friend & WIN

  • Enter the phone number of the person you intend to refer

  • You will be notified if the person is already registered on mSwali

You will receive the FREE sessions once the person you have referred plays an mSwali Quiz

No, You cannot invite already registered mSwali users

One referral earns you 5 FREE mSwali sessions worth Kshs. 250/=

The FREE sessions are deducted automatically first before your mSwali Wallet balance when you access an mSwali Quiz session.

Each FREE session is valid for one mSwali Quiz and is available in the mSwali wallet until when you decide to redeem it for a FREE mSwali Quiz.

mSwali Messages

On signing up players accept to receive regular messages on how to play and the Quiz session times. To stop the messages call or send a text to 0794 583651.

You can also dial *456*9*5# to stop notifications

  • Send the word STOP QUIZ to 23397

  • Your mSwali account will still be active to play mSwali Quizzes at any time.

  • To deactivate your mSwali account contact our customer support team on: 0794 583651 and our social media pages, provide your username and the phone number you registered with.

  • Your account will be deactivated and you will not be able to play mSwali quizzes.

  • You can always contact us to have your account reactivated. 

Players can practice for mSwali LIVE Quiz sessions by accessing the practice questions on the How to Play menu

  • Dial *397#

  • Select option 4 – How to Play

  • Choose option 3 – Practice Questions

  • Practice with the available questions to get a feel of the game

The practice questions are available 24/7

You can practice for as many times as you want

To stop the promotional messages is free.

  • We have several winners from previous mSwali Quizzes. To access the list of winners, visit our Winners tab on the website or check our social media pages.

  • mSwali Quiz is committed to awarding Quiz winners. Keep on playing and you stand a chance to win.

  • The winners for the previous mSwali Quiz will be published on our website ( and our social media pages.

  • Call our customer support line 0794 583651 to have your money reversed to you. MPESA charges will apply.

  • Contact our customer support team, provide your mobile phone number, the mSwali Quiz session in question and all the details concerning the dispute.