What is mSwali?
mSwali is a platform that aims to promote the desire & curiosity to know more, within the
African adult population, using mobile-based learning games that are fun, rewarding &
easily accessible. “We believe knowledge is power & it enhances overall well-being,” says
Patrick Mungai, the founding partner of the Start-up.
Founded in July 2020, mSwali’s flagship product, mSwali Quiz, is a USSD based Quiz game
whose topics focus on the localized African countries & the continent as a whole.

Why do you want to invest in your knowledge through the mSwali quiz?

  • We have localized content curated by local content creators
    At mSwali, we pride ourselves on hiring not only the best content creators but also
    content creators who are interested in educating Kenyans and Africans with localized
    content. Our team constantly researches relevant content that our audience can interact
    with consistently.
  • You will learn even more than you currently know
    The content on mSwali takes a deep dive into various subjects. In other words, you
    won’t just learn about different subjects on a surface level. You will take a deep dive into
    different subjects and have a greater learning experience. Through mSwali, you will
    become even smarter than you currently are. Think about it as an exercise of your
    mind-muscle. The more you work on your mind through mSwali, the sharper it
  • You have a chance to win cash prizes.
    Through mSwali, you will be rewarded for your effort in answering all questions
    correctly. Like hundreds of other users who have already won cash prizes, you will have a
    chance to use your knowledge to win you a cash prize

4 steps to Investing in your knowledge through mSwali

  • Commit to act.
    Statistics show that up to 90% stop investing in their knowledge after completing their
    formal school education. This means that 9 out of 10 people you have interacted with
    haven’t grown mentally by consciously investing in their knowledge. By committing to
    being involved in ‘Continuous growth’ you are choosing to become part of the rare 10%
    of the population who stand out in society.
  • List your objectives.
    What area of knowledge do you want to specialize in? The truth
    is, we all have areas of knowledge that we are interested in and would love to take a
    deep dive into. Whether it’s Sports, History, Geography, Arts and Culture or the Bible.
    Know what you intend to focus on and plan for it
  • Ask questions.
    “Questions are infinitely more important than answers” – Old Chinese man. Constantly
    seek out new questions about the subjects that you are interested in, you may be
    surprised with how much guidance this will give you into improving your chances of
    success in the quiz.
  • When you find the right company, act immediately.
    Most people are waiting for ‘The right time’ which never arrives. You can choose to be
    different from the crowd and act NOW by dialing *397# to play mSwali.